A holiday village in Sweden

A holiday village in the middle of the real Småland nature. Let us give you the possibility of peace and quiet. Our eco-villages are made of our natural history and character. It smells of spruce, pine and forest scents. One can fantasize about how Nils Dacke roam among these spruces that we currently have lined the walls in our cabins. The central location, in the middle of Småland is perfect for expeditions around the Småland

In Virserum lake, which is outside the window, it is free to fish.

Bath from the bridge, outside the sauna, at the small child-friendly sandy beach, where the boat is. Larger swimming area is available at various locations around Virserum lake.

Skiing is the obvious pleasure in the winter. You are practically in the middle of one of southern Sweden’s best ski slopes. Long-distance skiing or skating when the ice permits are other beauty activities.