Fragen und Antworten


How far is the lake?

The lake is right next to the cabins, about 50 meter or ½ – 1 minute walk.

Is it OK to swim the lake?

Yes, there is a nice little sandy beach that cottage guests have for themselves. Here it is suitable for bathing, for children or for those who can not swim. Next door is a bit rocky promontory where there is a ladder. At the ladder there is 150 cm deep. There is a public beach about 500 meter from the cottages and a further public beach in Virserum Lake about 1 km from the cottages.

Are all fishing free?

Yes all the fishing with rod is free, day or night.

Are there plenty of fish?

There are plenty of perch, and pike. There are also whitefish, roach and bream

How far is it to stores?

All shops are in Virserums center, about 2 km from the cottages. There are two supermarkets that have most of what you need. Virserum is known for a very nice meat shop with produce from local suppliers. There is also a bank, flower shop, pharmacy, bakery, petrol station, garage, etc.

Are restaurants and pub?

In Virserum there is a hotel with food service. There is also a pizzeria and a snack bar. Pub is not.

Can you buy alcohol in Virserum?

Liquorshop is not. The closest is in Hultsfred, about 30 km away. It is also possible to order alcohol in one of the stores in Virserum. Then you get delivery the next day or two.

Is there a lot of mosquitoes?

No, but as the cottage is situated in the woods so it may be that there are mosquitoes after long rainy periods, like at all other locations. It is very happy that the mosquitoes are´nt any major problems.

Are there other unpleasant animals?


Is it possible to see a moose?