Ekobyn consists of 3 small cabins, about 42 squaremeters, built between 1997 and 2001. There are 4 beds. There are two sleepingrooms, kichen and livingroom. Houses are built in an organic way. The timber for the houses has grown where houses now stand. Much is recycled and secondhand materials. The colors are old traditional color types with only natural raw materials such as linseed oil, eggs, Hartz, beeswax ect. All material is processed locally or supplied by local contractors

Sauna is exposed in a cottage by the waterside.

Ekobyn has its own well water. All sewage be disposed of in its own plant. Recycled water infiltration and return to the wild after treatment. Toilet waste is composted and used as soil improvers.

The houses are of course all the amenities, electricity, hot and cold water, WC, shower, microwave, coffee maker, television, refrigerator. A freezer is available in the woodshed. A cozy stove warms the cool evenings.